Weekly Report – March 12, 2018

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TQR 10th Annual Conference

TQR 10th Annual Conference Website – Call for Submissions (Deadline April 30, 2018)

Featured Article

A Warden or a Ballerina: Examining the Relationship between Gender Socialization, and Occupational Choice among Prison Wardens and Superintendents

Karen Altendorf, Bucknell University

Featured Article

An Instrumental Case Study on Testing an Integrated Framework for Tutoring Sessions

Dr Alicia L. Holland, iGlobal Educational Services
Chris Grant, iGlobal Educational Services
Reshma Donthamsetty, The University of Illinois at Chicago

How To Article

Breaking the “Fourth Wall” in Qualitative Research: Participant-Led Digital Data Construction

Nettie Boivin, University of Jyvaskyla
Anna CohenMiller, Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Education

Featured Book Review

Transformative Writing Steps for Poets to Prose Writers

Janie A. Hall, Walden University

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What’s New in HyperRESEARCH™ 4.0

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The Qualitative Report Guide to Qualitative Research Mobile Applications
Curated by Ronald J. Chenail

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