Weekly Report – April 27, 2020

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Upcoming TQR 12th Annual Conference: Website now live for #TQR2021! (Now Accepting Submissions)

Featured “Teaching and Learning” Article

Teaching and Learning Qualitative Inquiry Online and Impacts on Family Life

James A. Bernauer, Robert Morris University
Rebecca L. Rook, Franciscan University
Jenifer A. SwabFollow
Mary P. BernauerFollow
Patrick Bernauer, University of Dayton

Featured Book Review

Digital Urban Ethnography: A Book Review of The Digital Street

Katherine L. Walters, University of GeorgiaFollow
Enid Truong, University of Georgia

Featured Book Review

“Qualitative Research as a Public Good”: A Review of Patricia Leavy’s The Oxford Handbook of Qualitative Research

Izhar Oplatka, Tel Aviv University

Blog of the Week

MAXQDA: Studying Leisure and Recreation in the Guidelines for Brazilian Physical Education with MAXQDA – Content Analysis Example

Resource of the Week

Tao’s Institute: Free PDF’s of Books Published by Everything is Connected Press

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