Weekly Report – December 11, 2017

The Qualitative Report Weekly 

TQR 9th Annual Conference 

Featured Article

HIV in the Heartland: Experiences of Living with HIV in Urban and Rural Areas of the Midwest
Sarah B. Donley, Jacksonville State University
C. Patrice Lockett, Jacksonville State University

Featured Article

Older People in a Community Gospel Choir: Musical Engagement and Social Connection
Dawn Joseph, Deakin University
Jane Southcott, Monash University

Featured Article

Teaching Students How to Make Their Dreams Come True: An Autoethnography of Developing and Teaching the Dream Reseach Methods Course
E. James Baesler, Old Dominion University

Featured Article

In the Light of Shared Words: Collaborative Writing in a Research Study on Student Voice in Spanish Schools
Teresa Susinos Rada
Noelia Ceballos López
Ángela Saiz Linares, University of Cantabria

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Quirkos: What is qualitative analysis?

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