TQR 7th Annual Conference Presentations

  1. Use of Grounded Theory in Medical Research By Patrick Dunn
  2. What if a Robot Could Help Me Care for My Parents? Using Photo Elicitation with Pre-Users of Remote Monitoring Technologies By Martha M. Snyder and Laurie P. Dringus
  3. Qualitative Inquiry in a Distance-based Environment:Thoughts and Tips By Yulia Watters, Darren Adamson, and Deborah Bell
  4. Student Veterans’ Experiences in Negotiating Student Services in Higher Education: A Phenomenological Inquiry By Christina Alexander
  5. Visions in Our Heads: Lived Experiences of US Counsellors-in-Training in Study Abroad Programs By Cristen C. Wathen & David Kleist
  6. Hearing Minority Parent Voice: Education for All By Barbara R. Wilson
  7. The Science Fiction of Qualitative Inquiries By Johnny Saldaña
  8. New Windows on Patient Experience in Health Care: Blogs, Vlogs, Facebook, and more By Rikki Mangrum
  9. Reflections of Choice: Turning to the Arts to Foster Preservice Teachers’ Reflexive Dispositions about Literacy By Janet C. Richards, Shetay Ashford, Elaine Cerrato Fisher, and Christiana Succar
  10. Playing Well with Others: The Rise of Transdisciplinary Qualitative Research By Racine Brown 
  11. Contemplative Qualitative Inquiry: Zen Principles for the Qualitative Researcher By Valerie J. Janesick
  12. Occupational Health Stress in the Service Sector By Fozia Malik and Shaan Shahabuddin
  13. Sampling in Qualitative Research: Insights from an Overview of the Methods Literature By Stephen Gentles
  14. Shared Experiences and Discovery on the Science Teaching Journey: A Voyage of Discovery for Two Science Teachers By David Thorton
  15. A Holistic Approach to Reducing the High Rate of Recidivism for Ex-Offenders By Cheryl White
  16. Introducing Qualitative Analysis Software with Quirkos By Daniel Turner
  17. Quirkos for Experienced Qualitative Researchers by Daniel Turner
  18. Enhancing Qualitative Research Appraisal: Piloting a Tool to Support Methodological Congruence By Annette Willgens, Robin Cooper, Doles Jadotte, Cynthia Langtiw, Bruce Lilyea, and Alice Obenchain-Leeson
  19. Writing Qualitative Research the TQR Way By The Qualitative Report Editors and Authors
  20. Studying Visual Political Irony: The Case of Russia By Anna Sanina
  21. ICD-10-CM Implementation Strategies: An Application of the Technology Acceptance Model By
    Judy Monestime, Roger Mayer, and Wen Wen Chien
  22. Applying The Transtheoretical Model Of Change To Ergonomic Intervention By Charmaine Beckford
  23. From fieldwork to the theory and back again: The biographical (re)construction of an unconventional family by way of multi-variant data By Dorett Funcke
  24. Enhancing the power of Qualitative Methodologies for the future of Social Science Research: Culturometric Uncovering By Beatrice Boufoy-Bastick
  25. The Qualitative Report 2016 Editorial Board Meeting/Informational By Adam Rosenthal and Ron Chenail
  26. Good Teachers for Good Researchers: A case study in Italy By Albertina Pretto
  27. Culturometric Uncovering of Anger Control in Trinidadian Prisons By Beatrice Boufoy-Bastick, Gerard Hutchinson, John Rose, Paul Willner and Tony Bastick
  28. International Codes of Ethics for K-12 Educators: A Hermeneutic Analysis By Jim Lane