Weekly Report – January 15, 2018

The Qualitative Report Weekly 

TQR 9th Annual Conference 

Featured Article

SHH, Don’t Speak: The Act of Overcoming Silencing and Empowering Acts of Education

James Coda, University of Georgia
Margaret Robbins, University of Georgia

Featured Article

“If our English isn’t a language, what is it?” Indonesian EFL Student Teachers’ Challenges Speaking English

Mukhlash Abrar, Jambi University
Amirul Mukminin, Jambi University
Akhmad Habibi, Jambi University
Fadhil Asyrafi, Jambi University
Makmur Makmur, Jambi University, Jambi, Indonesia
Lenny Marzulina, Raden Fatah State Islamic University, Palembang, Indonesia

Featured Article

Why Do Families Relinquish Care of Children with Intellectual Disability and Severe Challenging Behaviors? Professional’s Perspectives

Jessica Ng, University of Sydney
Paul Rhodes, University of Sydney

How To Article

Modifying the Qualitative Delphi Technique to Develop the Female Soldier Support Model

Daniel L. Roberts, University of Phoenix
Joann Kovacich, University of Phoenix

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Quirkos: 22 Articles on Qualitative Methods

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A Compendium of Teaching and Learning Qualitative Research Resources

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