Weekly Report – January 21, 2019

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TQR 10th Annual Conference

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Featured Article

Parents of Children with Significant Disabilities Describe Their Children’s Eating Habits: A Phenomenological Study

Brianna M. Grumstrup, University of Nevada, Reno
MaryAnn Demchak, University of Nevada, Reno

Featured Article

A Dating App Autoethnography: Presenting Myself as a Researcher and User

Janelle Ward, Erasmus University of Rotterdam

Featured Article

Defining a Practicum in Applied Linguistics through Duoethnography to Comply with the National Postgraduate Audit Culture in Mexico

Troy Crawford, University of Guanajuato
Edgar Emmanuell Garcia-Ponce, University of Guanajuato

Featured Book Review

An Engaging and Inclusive Approach to Contemporary Feminist Research from Theory to Practice: A Review

Tiffany de Leon, Nova Southeastern University

Featured Blog

Exporting Options in Dedoose

Resource of the Week

TQR Community Qualitative Research Resource Series Volume 1 Number 2
A Compendium of Teaching and Learning Qualitative Research Resources

Curated by Dr. Ronald Chenail

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