Weekly Report – February 18, 2019

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TQR Annual Conference

TQR 11th Annual Conference “Contemporary Qualitative Research”, Call Now Open

Featured Article

Health Literacy and Type 2 Diabetes in Barbados

Coralene Quimby-Worrell, University of Phoenix

Featured Article

Dropped into Battle: Transitioning to Middle School

Vikki Wandmacher, Eastern Michigan University

Featured Article

“If I don’t laugh, I’m going to cry”: Meaning Making in the Promotion, Tenure, and Retention Process: A Collaborative Autoethnography

Pamela Wells, Georgia Southern University
Kristen N. Dickens, Georgia Southern University
Juliann Sergi McBrayer
Richard E. Cleveland, Georgia Southern University

Featured Book Review

Language and Globalization: An Autoethnographic Approach: Book Review of a Collection of Personal Narratives

Anuja Sarda, University of Georgia

Featured Blog

dedoose: Topical Webinar with Dr. Eli Lieber – Analysis

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