Weekly Report – March 18, 2019

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TQR Annual Conference

TQR 11th Annual Conference “Contemporary Qualitative Research”, Call Now Open

Featured Article

The Coexistence Plan at a Secondary School: Analysis Based on the Voices of Students and Teachers

Gustavo González-Calvo, University of Valladolid
David Hortigüela-Alcalá, University of Burgos
Alejandra Hernando-Garijo, University of Burgos
Ángel Pérez-Pueyo, University of León

Featured Article

Spark: Why I Wrote a Novel Designed to Teach the Research Process

Patricia Leavy, Independent Scholar

Featured “How To” Article

Using Scribes in Qualitative Research as an Alternative to Transcription

Kim Eaton, University of Western Australia
Werner G. K. Stritzke, University of Western Australia
Jeneva L. Ohan, University of Western Australia

Featured “How To” Article

Maximizing NVivo Utilities to Analyze Open-Ended Responses

Xiaoying Feng, University of Florida
Linda Behar-Horenstein, University of Florida

Featured Blog

The MAXQDA #ResearchforChange Grant

Resource of the Week

Quality in Qualitative Research References
Compiled By Ronald J. Chenail, Ph.D.

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