Weekly Report – October 7, 2019

The Qualitative Report Weekly 

TQR Annual Conference

TQR 11th Annual Pre-Conference Workshop by Johnny Saldana Added
TQR 11th Annual Conference “Contemporary Qualitative Research”, Still Accepting Submissions on a Case by Case Basis

Featured Article

Sponsored Research Indirect Costs: A Single-Site Case Study of Public Research University STEM Faculty Members’ Perspectives

Susan Gossman, Northern Illinois University

Featured Article

Effects of a Cooperative Learning Intervention Program on Cyberbullying in Secondary Education: A Case Study

David Hortigüela Alcalá, University of Burgos
Javier Fernández Río, University of Oviedo
Gustavo González Calvo, University of Valladolid
Ángel Pérez Pueyo, University of León

Featured Book Review 

Feminism as an Evolving Culture of Inclusion and Affirmation: A Review of Contemporary Feminist Research from Theory to Practice

Alexandra CH Nowakowski, Florida State University

Featured “How To” Article

Using Interviewing in Public Health Research: Experiences of Novice Researchers

Caroline I. Wood, Towson University
Nancy Daley-Moore, Truman State University
Rachel Powell, CDC Foundation

Blog of the Week

Quirkos 2.2 and Quirkos Cloud are here!

Resource of the Week

Embarking on your analytic journey with ATLAS.ti – Part 1

News and Notes

Calls for Conferences and Journals and Training Opportunities

Employment Opportunities