Weekly Report – August 10, 2020

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Featured Article

The Perverse Dynamics of University Career: A Narrative Analysis Based on the Personal and Professional Implications

Gustavo González-Calvo, University of Valladolid
Alejandra Hernando-Garijo, University of Burgos
David Hortigüela Alcalá, University of Burgos
Ángel Pérez-Pueyo, University of León

Featured Article

Training Through Naming: A Process of Psychotherapist Skill Development Utilizing Recursive Frame Analysis

Michael D. Reiter, Nova Southeastern University
Wonbin Faith Jung
Jessica Popham
Caitlin Fitzgerald
Emily Garcia
Mariana Guzman de Perez
Tiffany Lockhart
Noelle Villanueva

Featured Article

How Do They Feel About It? Testing a New Mixed Methods Survey Tool to Assess Collective Emotional Status

Michael G. Schwab, Walden University
Vasileios Margaritis, Walden University

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Ethnographic Study of an Enterprise: Long-Term Data Collection and Analysis with MAXQDA

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