Research Journals

The Qualitative Report Guide to Qualitative Research Journals

Curated by Ronald J. Chenail

The Qualitative Report Guide to Qualitative Research Journals is a unique resource for researchers, scholars, and students to explore the world of professional, scholarly, and academic journals publishing qualitative research. The number and variety of journals focusing primarily on qualitative approaches to research have steadily grown over the last forty years. From discipline- or profession-specific to trans-, cross-, and multidisciplinary missions, these journals represent a richly diverse approach to qualitative inquiry.

Acta Ethnographica Hungarica: An International Journal of Sociocultural Anthropology (First Issue: 1955)

Action Research (First Issue: 2003)

Action Research Electronic Reader (First Issue: 1997)

Action Research International (First Issue: 1998)

AI Practitioner (First Issue: 2003)

ALARA Journal (First Issue: 1996)

Anthropology and Education Quarterly (First Issue: 1970)

The Applied Anthropologist (First Issue: 1981)

BIOGRAF (First Issue: 1994) (English Version)

Cadernos de Arte e Antropologia (First Issue: 2012)

The Canadian Journal of Action Research (First Issue: 2011; Formerly Ontario Action Researcher

Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis Across Disciplines (First Issue: 2007)

Critical Discourse Studies (First Issue: 2004)

Cultural Anthropology (First issue: 1986)

Cultural Studies <=> Critical Methodologies (First Issue: 2001)

Current Narratives (First Issue: 2009)

Departures in Critical Qualitative Research (First Issue: 2012) (This journal was formally known as Qualitative Communication Research)

Discourse Analysis Online (First Issue: 2003)

Discourse, Context and Media (First Issue: 2012)

Discourse Processes (First Issue: 1978)

Discourse Studies (First Issue: 1999)

Educational Action Research (First Issue: 1993)

Electronic Journal of Sociology (First Issue: 1995)

Ethnographic Encounters (First Issue: 2012) (First Issue: 2002)

Ethnography (First Issue: 2000)

Ethnography and Education (First Issue: 2006)

Ethnologia Europaea (Journal of European Ethnology, First issue: 1967)

European Journal for Qualitative Research in Psychotherapy (First Issue: 2006)

Field Methods (First Issue: 1989) (Formerly Cultural Anthropology Methods CAM Journal)

Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung

(Forum: Qualitative Social Research) (First Issue: 2000)

Gestalt Theory: An International Multidisciplinary Journal (First Issue: 1978)

Global Ethnographic: An Online Magazine of Interpretive Anthropology (First Issue: 2009)

Global Qualitative Nursing Research (First Issue: 2015)

The Grounded Theory Review (First Issue: 1999)

HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory (First Issue: 2011)

The Indo-Pacific Journal of Phenomenology (First Issue: 2001)

International Journal of Action Research (First Issue: 2005)

International Journal of Qualitative Methods (First Issue: 2002)

International Journal of Qualitative Research in Services (First Issue: 2013)

International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education (First Issue: 1988)

International Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and Well-Being (First Issue: 2006)

International Journal of Social Research Methodology (First Issue: 1998)

International Review of Qualitative Research (First Issue: 2008)

Investigación Cualitativa (First issue: 2016)

Le Journal des anthropologues (First Issue: 1990)

The Journal for Undergraduate Ethnography (First Issue: 2011)

Journal of Autoethnography (First Issue: 2020)

Journal of Business Anthropology (First Issue: 2011)

Journal of Contemporary Ethnography (First Issue: 1972) (Formerly Urban Life and Culture)

Journal of Ethnographic & Qualitative Research (First Issue: 2007)

Journal of Mixed Methods Research (First Issue: 2007)

Journal of Museum Ethnography (First Issue: 1976)

Journal of Organizational Ethnography (First Issue: 2012)

Journal of Phenomenological Psychology (First Issue: 1970)

Journal of Qualitative Criminal Justice & Criminology (First Issue: 2013)

Journal of Qualitative Research in Health Sciences (First Issue: 2000)

Journal of Video Ethnography (First Issue: 2014)

Kaleidoscope: A Graduate Journal of Qualitative Communication Research (First Issue: 2002)

KWALON (First Issue: 1996)

The Malaysian Journal of Qualitative Research (First Issue: 2005)

Medical Anthropology Quarterly (First Issue: 1970)

Medische Antropologie (Medical Anthropology) (First Issue: 1989)

Methodological Innovations Online (First Issue: 2006)

Murmurations: Journal of Transformative Systemic Practice (First Issue: 2017)

Narrative Inquiry (First Issue: 1991) (Formerly Journal of Narrative and Life History; Old Web Page)

Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics: A Journal of Qualitative Research (First Issue: 2011)

Narrative Works: Issues, Investigations & Interventions (First Issue: 2011)

Ontario Action Researcher (First Issue: 1998; Name changed to >The Canadian Journal of Action Research in 2011)

PhaenEx: Journal of Existential and Phenomenological Theory and Culture (First Issue: 2006)

Phenomenology & Practice (First Issue: 2007)

Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences (First Issue: 2001)

Poroi: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Rhetorical Analysis and Invention (First Issue: 2001)

Pragmatic Case Studies in Psychotherapy (First Issue: 2005)

Psychotherapie & Sozialwissenschaft: Die Zeitschrift hat einen festen Platz im Spannungsfeld von qualitativer Sozialforschung und

psychotherapeutischer Praxis (First Issue: 1999)

QRSIG: Newsletter of the AERA Qualitative Research Interest Group (First Issue: 2007)

QQML: Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries (First issue: 2012)

Qualitative Communication Research (First Issue: 2012)

Qualitative Health Research (First Issue: 1991)

Qualitative Inquiries in Music Therapy: A Monograph Series (First Issue: 2004)

Qualitative Inquiry (First Issue: 1995)

Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal (First Issue: 1994)

Qualitative and Multi-Method Research (First Issue: 2003)

(Formerly Qualitative Methods)

Qualitative Psychology (First Issue: 2014)

The Qualitative Report (First Issue: 1990)

Qualitative Research (First Issue: 2001)

Qualitative Research in Accounting & Management (First issue: 2004)

Qualitative Research in Education (First Issue: 2012)

Qualitative Research in Medicine & Healthcare

Qualitative Research in Organizations and Management: An International Journal (First Issue: 2005)

Qualitative Research in Psychology (First Issue: 2004)

Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise, and Health (First Issue: 2009)

Qualitative Research Journal (First issue: 2002)

Qualitative Research Reports in Communication (First Issue: 2000)

Qualitative Researcher (First Issue: 2005)

Qualitative Social Work: Research and Practice (First Issue: 2002)

Qualitative Sociology (First Issue: 1978)

Qualitative Sociology Review (First Issue: 2005)

Qualitative Studies (First Issue: 2009)

Quality and Quantity: International Journal of Methodology (First Issue: 1967)

Recherches qualitatives (First Issue: 1989)

Research in Phenomenology (First Issue: 1971)

Revue Internationale d’Ethnographie (First Issue: 2013) (Formerly Revue Européenne d’Ethnographie de l’Education)

Sociological Research Online (First Issue: 1996)

Social Research Update (First Issue: 1993)

The Socjournal: A New Media Journal of Sociology and Society (First Issue: 2010)

Student Anthropologist (First Issue: 2014)

Symbolic Interaction (First Issue: 1977)

Tamara Journal for Critical Organization Inquiry (First Issue: 2002) (Formerly Tamara Journal for Critical Post Modern Organization)

Terrain (First Issue: 1983)

Turkish Online Journal of Qualitative Inquiry (First Issue: 2010)

Visual Ethnography (First Issue: 2012)

The Weekly Qualitative Report (First Issue: 2008)

ZQF – Zeitschrift für Qualitative Forschung (First issue: 1999)