Weekly Report – May 28, 2018

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TQR 10th Annual Conference (Accepted on a case-by-case basis)

TQR 10th Annual Conference Website – Call for Submissions (Accepted on a case-by-case basis)

TQR Special Issue 

Reflecting on the Future of QDA Software 

Featured Article

How Involved Should They Be? Students with ASD in Postsecondary Settings and Their Family Members

Bryan Dallas, Northern Illinois University
Julie Ramisch, Northern Illinois University
Alyssa Ashmore, Northern Illinois University

Featured Article

Military Parent’s PTSD and Children’s Mental Health: A Scoping Review

Tara Collins, University of Calgary Faculty of Social Work

Featured “How To” Article

Nothing to Hide, Nothing to Fear? Tools and Suggestions for Digital Data Protection

Jedidiah C. Anderson, Furman University
Erik Skare, University of Oslo
Courtney Dorroll, Wofford College

Featured Blog

Tip of the Month: How to Conduct Community-Engaged Research with MAXQDA

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The Qualitative Report Guide to Qualitative Research Mobile Applications
Curated by Ronald J. Chenail

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