Weekly Report – November 12, 2018

The Qualitative Report Weekly 

TQR 10th Annual Conference

Registration for TQR 10th annual conference is now open! 

TQR Conference Featured Upcoming Presentation

Kathryn Roulston, University of Georgia
Ameya Sawadkar, University of Georgia
Brigette Adair Herron, University of Georgia

Fostering Reflection and Reflexivity in Teaching Qualitative Inquiry

TQR Special Issue 

Reflecting on the Future of QDA Software 

Featured Article

“I Tried Hard to Control My Temper”: Perceptions of Older Musicians in Intergenerational Collaboration

Andrew Sutherland, London Oratory School

Featured Article

Surviving Domestic Violence in an Indian-Australian Household: An Autoethnography of Resilience

Amarpreet Abraham, Monash University, Australia

Featured Article

Massively Multiplayer Online Gamers’ Language: Argument for an M-Gamer Corpus

Papia Bawa, Purdue University

Featured  “How To” Article

Interview Protocol Refinement: Fine-Tuning Qualitative Research Interview Questions for Multi-Racial Populations in Malaysia

May Luu Yeong, National University of Malaysia
Rosnah Ismail, National University of Malaysia
Noor Hassim Ismail, National University of Malaysia
Mohd. Isa Hamzah, National University of Malaysia

Featured Blog

Grounded Theory Analysis with MAXQDA: Step-By-Step Guide

Resource of the Week

TQR Community Qualitative Research Resource Series
Volume 1 Number 1

Composing and Appraising Qualitative Research Reports: Collected Web Resources, Articles, Chapters, and Books

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