Weekly Report – November 19, 2018

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TQR 10th Annual Conference

Registration for TQR 10th annual conference is now open! 

TQR Conference Featured Upcoming Presentation

Jennifer Dale, InsideHeads Marketing Research

Qual-Online: Learn the Basics + Design Anything

TQR Special Issue 

Reflecting on the Future of QDA Software 

Featured Article

Enhancing Meaning-Making in Research through Sensory Engagement with Material Objects

Susan Cox, University of British Columbia
Marilys Guillemin, University of Melbourne

Featured Book Review

Remedying Hermeneutic Injustice One Poem at a Time: A Review of The Little Orange Book: Learning about Abuse from the Voice of the Child

Alec J. Grant PhD, Independent Scholar

Featured Blog

Ethnographic Data Collection and Analysis Strategies with MAXQDA – Grounded Theory Research Example

Resource of the Week

TQR Community Qualitative Research Resource Series
Volume 1 Number 1

Composing and Appraising Qualitative Research Reports: Collected Web Resources, Articles, Chapters, and Books

Updated: November 12, 2018

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