Weekly Report – January 7, 2019

The Qualitative Report Weekly 

TQR 10th Annual Conference

Registration for TQR 10th annual conference is now open! 

Featured Article

The Fall of the Gladiators: Wives’ Tales of Concussion Reporting and (Possible) Progressive Neurodegenerative Disease in NFL Players

Caroline E. Faure EdD; ATC, Idaho State University
Madeline P. Casanova MPE, University of Idaho

Featured Book Review

Are We Ready?: A Review of Getting College Ready: Latin@ Student Experiences of Race, Access, and Belonging at Predominantly White Universities

Jung Eun Hong, University of West Georgia

Featured “How To” Article

Elements of Research Questions in Relation to Qualitative Inquiry

Jennifer Kross, Florida International University
Amanda Giust, Florida International University

Featured  “Teaching and Learning” Article

Learning Experiences of Pre-Service Teachers and the Lecturer’s Role in a Qualitative Research Methods Course

Liora Nutov, Gordon Academic College, Haifa, Israel

Featured Blog

Fieldwork Across Diasporas – Early Fieldwork Analysis Phases and MAXQDA

Resource of the Week

TQR Community Qualitative Research Resource Series Volume 1 Number 2
A Compendium of Teaching and Learning Qualitative Research Resources

Curated by Dr. Ronald Chenail

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