Weekly Report – April 6, 2020

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Featured Article

Art as Meditation: A Mindful Inquiry into Educator Well-Being

Rachael Crowder, University of Calgary
Jennifer Lock, University of Calgary
Evelyn Hickey, University of Calgary
Mairi McDermott, University of Calgary
Marlon Simmons, University of Calgary
Katrina Wilson, University of Calgary
Rebecca Leong, University of Calgary
Noeleen De Silva, University of Calgary

Featured Article

Exploring the Mentoring Needs of Early- and Mid-Career URM Engineering Faculty: A Phenomenological Study

Sylvia Mendez, University of Colorado Colorado Springs
Jennifer A. Tygret, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
Valerie Martin Conley, University of Colorado Colorado Springs
Comas Haynes, Georgia Institute of Technology
Rosario Gerhardt, Georgia Institute of Technology

Featured Article

Parents of Students with Disabilities Views in Learning Physical Education in Special Needs School

Dena Widyawan, STKIP Situs Banten Indonesia
Amung Ma’mun, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
Berliana Rahely, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
Yudy Hendrayana, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

Featured “How To” Article

Outcome Mapping: Documenting Process in the Métis Settlements Life Skills Journey Project

Brent Hammer, University of Alberta
Fay Fletcher, University of Alberta
Rebecca Shortt, University of Alberta
Mandy MacRae, University of Alberta
Alicia Hibbert, University of British Columbia

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