Weekly Report – April 13, 2020

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Featured Article

Family Resilience: Preventive Solution of Javanese Youth Klithih Behavior

Casmini Casmini, State Islamic University Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta
Supardi Supardi, Yogyakarta State University

Featured Article

Understanding Etiologies of Road Traffic Crashes, Injuries, and Death for Patients at National Hospital Abuja: A Qualitative Content Analysis Using Haddon’s Matrix

Benjamin D. Holmes, Medical College of Wisconsin
Kristin Haglund, Marquette University
Emmanuel A. Ameh, National Hospital Abuja
Oluwole O. Olaomi, National Hospital Abuja
Uthman Uthman, National Hospital Abuja
Laura D. Cassidy, Medical College of Wisconsin

Featured “How To” Article

Confronting Shifting Identities: Reflections on Subjectivity in Transnational Research

Jiyoung Kang, Indiana University – Bloomington

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TQR Conference website now live for #TQR2021! (Now Accepting Submissions)

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Analyzing and browsing your literature with ATLAS.ti

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