Weekly Report – June 22, 2020

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Featured Article

Dinner Table Syndrome: A Phenomenological Study of Deaf Individuals’ Experiences with Inaccessible Communication

David R. Meek, Lamar University

Featured Article

Use of Mobile Health in Infant and Young Child Nutrition: A Formative Study in Rural Maharashtra

Samreen Sadaf Khan Dr., Lata Medical Research Foundation,Nagpur
Archana Patel Dr., Lata Medical Research Foundation, Nagpur
Amrita Puranik Ms., Lata Medical Reseach Foundation, Nagpur
Priyanka Kuhite Dr., Lata Medical Research Foundation, Nagpur
Yamini Pusdekar Dr., Lata Medical Research Foundation, Nagpur
Michael J. Dibley Dr., The University of Sydney, Australia
Ashraful Alam Dr., The University of Sydney, Australia

Featured Article

Mothers of Children with Dyslexia Share the Protection, “In-Betweenness,” and the Battle of Living with a Reading Disability: A Feminist Autoethnography

Christine Woodcock, American International College

Featured “Book Review”

Removing the Mysteries of Research Proposals: A Review of Steven. R. Terrell’s Writing a Proposal for your Dissertation: Guidelines and Examples

Richard H. Rogers, Columbus State University

Blog of the Week

Exploring and visualising historical narratives with MAXQDA – Visual tools praxis example

Resource of the Week

ATLAS.ti: Analysing data in research based on the constructivism paradigm using ATLAS.ti

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