Weekly Report – June 29, 2020

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Featured Article

A Dynamic Interplay of Professional Identities: Teacher-Researcher’s Identity (Re)Construction

Karolina Achirri, Divine Word College

Featured Article

On Being a Zebra: Negotiating a Professional Identity Whilst Coping With a Rare and Recurrent Illness

Phyllis Jones Professor, University of South Florida

Featured Article

Culturally Relevant Care Through the Lens of Duoethnography

Jacqueline B. Koonce, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Karin A. Lewis, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Featured “Book Review”

Contemplative Qualitative Inquiry: A Review

Kate H. Guthrie, Piedmont College

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TQR Conference website now live for #TQR2021! (Now Accepting Submissions)

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The Qualitative Report Guide to Qualitative Research Journals
Curated by Ronald J. Chenail

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